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Business Communications: Empower your business with our suite of communication solutions, including VOIP systems, cloud-based phone services, Premi-Cell routers. PBX

Cloud VOIP

Cloud VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) systems are advanced digital phone solutions designed to manage and route both incoming and outgoing calls efficiently. These cloud-based phone systems offer all the features of a traditional PBX solution, while providing added convenience and accessibility at a significantly lower cost.

PremI Cell

A Premi Cell connects traditional analogue phone systems to GSM networks, enabling calls via mobile networks. It reduces call costs, provides flexibility, and serves as a backup if landlines fail, making it useful for remote areas and businesses managing communication expenses.


A PABX telephone system is a private telephone network used within a business environment. It enables internal communication among employees and manages external calls via the public telephone network. Key features include call routing, transferring, voicemail, and conference calling. PABX systems can be traditional (analogue) or IP-based (digital). Benefits include cost efficiency, scalability, enhanced communication, and centralized control of the organization's communication infrastructure.

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